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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Haul 5th [Part 1] & Japan 2012

Just ordered a bunch of stuff from H&M as i've finally managed to save some money for myself this month. Unfortunately the delivery dates are different for a few of the items. But that means more parcels in the post ^^ which is always nice. I'll show you the items when i get them :)

Been busy with Uni a lot lately. (as you can see by my lack of posting in the past few months) I find out which Japanese university i'm going to in a few weeks.... can't wait ^^ When that comes round, i'll be setting myself up a travel blog for when i'm out there~ I'll still try and post gyaru and cute things on here, but i'd recommend you follow that one once it's up and going :D ahhhhh it's sooo exciting.

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