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Friday, 30 July 2010

London - Taster

So, as I mentioned before, I was going to London this week. Now i'm back and I think it was a rather rewarding trip. I bought soo much stuff haha, all of which I will take photos off and make a slideshow / long blogs etc to show off what I got. I don't have much time over the next few days to get it all up, but here's a taster of a few things that I bought. This is a photo of the bags in my car boot. AND that's only half of them. We also put bags in bags and compressed stuff into one bag in places.

I FINALLY bought something from Octopus :D This lil Japanese purse and a Hello Kitty style Voodoo Doll Keyring. (I thought it was cute).

I bought A LOT in Uniqlo, so that might have it's own post.. probably consisting of 3 parts haha. I'll try and post a few more photos of what I bought tomorrow.

lu xx

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

I did my friend's nails.

She wanted a design we saw in a Nail Venus issue a while back, but with different colours.

We decided on a girly pastel arrangement lol. Anyways, here's my attempt at copying it.

Not really the best I've done, but she liked them nonetheless. We were also in a rush that day because we were late meeting others for lunch lol.

Leaving for our road trip in a few hours :D Can't wait ^o^

I'm going to be taking loads of video footage of our time in London and of the journey. I'll be using it to make a vlog for my friend dru, But i'll show you guys too~

Lu x

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Friends are amazing!

One of my friends from work went to Hong Kong for a few weeks (I am insanely jealous of this!), by the sounds of it she did soo much and had a fantastic time. She then went on the Bangkok and other places i think. But while she was in Hong Kong she visited a shop or stall or something that sold nails and deco stuff. She came back on Saturday and brought me some bits back ^o^ she's amazing! :D I was soo happy when she gave them to me, she knows what I'm like with my nails haha.
These stickers are soo cute ^o^

She also got me some 3D flowers, which i pretty much freaked out about cause I've wanted proper Japanese style 3D nail deco for ages!! lol The only problem is.. I'm not sure how to fix them on, I don't really want to use nail glue because they'll be going straight on to my own nails. And I don't think clear nail varnish alone will hold them in place.

This girl is amazing!! I've still got to make her an usamimi, I shall do that on Sunday or Monday. My day's off from work.
BTW: I posted some new photos of the different nail designs I've done on the right there -->
Lemme know what you think of them.
Lu x

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Hallo~ Less than 2 months to go~

Hows people today? I just realised that it's less than 2 months until my 20th Birthday!
I want to do something fancy, but I can't afford much lol being as I'm in preperation mode for University =D I move on the 18th September, but i'll be leaving the day before as it's soo far away.
I haven't really done much today to be honest. Went shopping with mum to get some duvet covers for my uni room, and some new headphones cause my cheapy green ones are falling apart. I've still got stuff to do though. Mainly my nails haha, I'm not sure what I'll do. But it'll be simple cause I'm lazy. I'll post a photo when I'm done ^o^
Lu x

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Going away and Gyaru Make Up

As i've been working loads recently I haven't had the chance to try my lashes with my circle lenses yet. But hopefully, my day off on Friday, I will try it and take photos. I'll flick through Popteen and Ranzuki and perhaps do a little tutorial from one of the looks in there.

I decided to go for a plain nail colour this week. The pink that I showed you a few posts back ^o^ The great thing is that I also have an eyeshadow that matches, so I've been pretty much using the same colour eye make up for a week~ heh. I was going to try an 'Up' design, like the ones I've seen on Tumblr. I've flicked through my j-mags too~ but they are either too time consuming or too plain. Guess I'll have to come up with a new idea somehow~ Any inspiration would be highly appreciated.

Me and my brother are going on a bit of a road trip in the next few weeks and we plan on going to London at some point. I'm hoping to go to Camden so I can buy lil gyaru style things, as I've heard they have 3d nail stuffs and some really cute places. I want to go to artbox too, see what the shop is like in person rather than buying off their website. We should be heading to Uniqlo too, which makes me VERY happy.

Expect many photos from our travels~ =D

Lu x

I'm still here~

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I've been working pretty non-stop to earn money for University in September.

I have a few entries planned out and when I get a chance I'll take some photos of my new buys and do some reviews or something ~

Hope everyone is enjoying the sun!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Tonight & Lashes

Right, So I'm going to see The Twilight Saga: Eclipse tonight. And I am really excited lol. Waited soo long. Anyways... I had 4 hours to kill until it was time to go. So I figued I'd try out putting my false lashes on for the first time.

I kinda like them ^o^ They look quite natural eventhough they are really long. I filled in the gaps with black eyeliner. did a light coat of black eyeshadow on my lids. Then on my brow bone I put a light beige - purple colour. From my Avon pallette.

I'm suprised at how comfortable they are. The only problem is, that because they are long they interfere with my vision a bit. Next time I put them on i'll try out my black circle lenses with them too~ I just figured I'd try vamping it up a bit for Eclipse later :P

Me pulling random duck like faces as usual. I had my hair straight today, it's easier for work.

Lu x

Friday, 2 July 2010

Shopping 2nd July ^o^

Today, Me and my mum went on a shopping trip. We were only meant to get milk, but I just had to have a little spending spree.

I got this hair bow in Matalan, it was on sale. I think it's really cute as it matches the dress I wore today. I think I'm going to wear it to work tomorrow. Give that lil bit of a girly look with the plain uniform I have to wear haha.

I also got this unique bracelet in Matalan. I love how it's soo random. A chain, bow, charms and pearls.

My mum convinced me to buy these sandals. Clarks ones O_O They were pretty expensive. But in all honesty these are now the ONLY sandals I have. I didn't want to get any of those Gladiator sandals cause they kinda look weird on my feet. These are really comfortable and look pretty good on so the price wasn't tooo much taking that all into account~ ^o^

While we were in Asda I figured I'd finally get myself some falsh lashes. I checked in Boots, but for a first try of them they were a little too expensive. So I got two pairs. Some of Asda's own and my favourite.... some QVS thick ones. They look really good. I'll take a photo of them on when I finally get a chance to wear them. I'll prob do a bit of a review too~

As usual, I can't go into Asda without buying nail varnish so there we go. That's the colour I got. It's kind of POW! ^o^ I'll use it tomorrow hopefully. I might take a break from the detailed designs for a bit haha.
Right now I'm watching Twilight, I shall be watching New Moon tomorrow. Then on Sunday night I'm taking my Dad to go and see Eclipse. Figured I'd do a lil marathon before watching the new film. Twilight <3

2nd July Outfit

This is my outfit from today. Yes, I'm wearing that bloody denim shirt again haha, I went to buy a new, shorter one today. But unfortunately I couldn't find a nice one. The only one I found, that was in Matalan, was really pale and long sleeved. Not good for the weather we have at the moment, and my clumsyness for making things dirty haha.

Here's a close up of the flowers on my dress. I got this dress in Primark and I love it soo much. It's light and cute ^o^


Thursday, 1 July 2010

My love for TFE and The Japan Centre

Hey guys, sorry I haven't updated recently. I've been at work everyday since last Thursday. I'll have the day off on Friday, so I'll catch up with the blogs I was planning on doing.

I've just ordered a load more stuff from The Japan Centre, incuding 3 magazines. Popteen, Ranzuki and Seventeen. I wonder if I get any free gifts with them this month ^o^ If I do I will show you what I got. I also ordered some mugicha <3 and a cute pair of chopsticks with a case. There was more than that, But I can't remember what I put on the order haha. I should hopefully find out on Friday.

What's TFE you ask? Well it's Tokyo Fashion Express. A show on NHKworld, completely about fashion. I love this show, It helps me keep up to date with the fashion world, and especially the fashion from Japan. It shows more than just clothes though. There's accessories, interior design, arcitecture. A variety. NHK is sky channel 516 if you are interested in watching it, Tokyo Fashion Express is on every Tuesday.

I'm working again today, so there's a slim chance there will be another post, but I will try. I need to get to work on some tutorials, artistic stuff etc I've got to make another bunny headband for my friend before she gets back from her holiday, so perhaps I'll do a tutorial on that ^o^

Lu x
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