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Thursday, 10 November 2011

My heart lies in Kyoto

I've been thinking about my Year Abroad a lot recently, and where I want to go.
I don't want to go anywhere but Kyoto. It means a lot to be and holds a place in my heart. I have wanted to go there and felt connected to it for over 3 years now and there is no where else.
I really really want to spend my year in Japan there, however, it's been known that our place of choice gets ignored in the allocation of Universities.
I did put Kyoto down and my reasons why, but it's not 100% that i'd get it. There are 3 Universities we are paired with there. And it would make my year, and me soo happy if i was to get Kyoto.
I should find out in 2 weeks or so, and i will definitely let you all know. As well as getting to work on a new blog to cover my year in Japan.
As for now... i will be hoping with all my heart for Kyoto, and practising my language skills.

Lu xx

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  1. I've never been to Kyoto. My dad promised to take us the next time we visit Japan, but I hope you can go! I know it's absolutely lovely~


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