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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Expecting a mass amount of new makeup

My friend linked me to a site called e.l.f ( eyes lips face ) I'm going to try it out and let you guys know what it's like. I'll be ordering when I get my student loan through :) xx


  1. Hi Lu, my name is Rinnie~ I'm 20 and also from the UK. I didn't go to uni when I left school and am hoping to apply to study Japanese either this autumn or next! I hope we can be friends~

    I'm also planning on completing an e.l.f. order, soon, too! Just waiting for their primers to come back in stock. ;)

    Where do you study? :)

    1. Hi Rinnie, nice to meet you ^^
      wow, you want to study Japanese~ that's awesome, I must say though, it's pretty hard and quite demanding. But i think it's definitely worth it ^^
      I'd love to be friends, feel free to add me on facebook if you want to~ The link is on the left of my page (under the header) I study at The University of Sheffield ^^ it's amazing xD

    2. Oh, I really like Sheffield! I'd love to study Japanese and Linguistics there, though it is VERY far from home (most of the university that do Japanese are), it was one of the most appealing universities I've looked into. ^^ I'm not sure if I could get in, though, because my grades are just a teensy bit too low (I slacked off in my second year so got all Bs). u_u

      I know that studying Japanese would be hard, but I think I can do it- during Sixth Form I was taking Japanese evening classes and always completed the homework ASAP and was always revising my kana in the margin of my notes. XD


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