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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Kpop post #1

Right, so here goes my first Kpop post ^^
I friggin' LOVE this song. The video is really cute and sad too :( Son Ho Young is a really good singer and not that bad looking either. I highly recommend this song. I just have soo much love for it.

This is an Anyband CM for a phone. However, there's just something about this that has stuck with me. There are 2 songs in the video, both equally as awesome. Anyband is made up of: BoA, Kim Junsu, Tablo, Jin Bora.... think that's it. The name of one of the songs TPL (Talk Play Love) has influenced me a lot lol, i think it's a perfect way to live. Communicate, Have fun and Love as much as possible. I have used this a lot as usernames~ but i do plan to have it tatooed after Uni.

I haven't listened to Kim Jong Kook in a long time, but this song is just soo nice. It's easy to listen to and the video is super adorable~ I might have to start listening to all his old songs again.

Lu xx

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