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Thursday, 1 December 2011

H&M haul

So, I know I promised photos from my H&M haul, but unfortunately I haven't recieved my second parcel from them yet. Due soon though ^^. So anyways, this is related, cause these are from H&M too~ And I'm absolutely in love with them.

This is the softest jumper I own. And it's super cute, they also have a Bambi and Thumper one... but Minnie is awesome. Since I dyed my hair Red, i've been drawn to more red clothes. I just team this up with a pair of black tights / leggings and my new grey fluffy boots. If it's a bit chilly i'll pop a vest top underneath, but it's sooo comfy. ^^ 

I love wearing this skirt. It's a high rise one, but it's loosely elasticated so it can be placed wherever. I like to wear it with black tights, a dark coloured (grey/navy/brown) vest top and a black cardigan.

I'm very happy with these purchases from H&M. They have some really great stuff in at the moment, I'm just drawn to spend money that I shouldn't. But on the plus side, i'll have some really great clothes to take to Japan with me. Cause I feel that it's going to be hard for me to find clothes there...

Lu xx

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