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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Friends are amazing!

One of my friends from work went to Hong Kong for a few weeks (I am insanely jealous of this!), by the sounds of it she did soo much and had a fantastic time. She then went on the Bangkok and other places i think. But while she was in Hong Kong she visited a shop or stall or something that sold nails and deco stuff. She came back on Saturday and brought me some bits back ^o^ she's amazing! :D I was soo happy when she gave them to me, she knows what I'm like with my nails haha.
These stickers are soo cute ^o^

She also got me some 3D flowers, which i pretty much freaked out about cause I've wanted proper Japanese style 3D nail deco for ages!! lol The only problem is.. I'm not sure how to fix them on, I don't really want to use nail glue because they'll be going straight on to my own nails. And I don't think clear nail varnish alone will hold them in place.

This girl is amazing!! I've still got to make her an usamimi, I shall do that on Sunday or Monday. My day's off from work.
BTW: I posted some new photos of the different nail designs I've done on the right there -->
Lemme know what you think of them.
Lu x

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