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Friday, 30 July 2010

London - Taster

So, as I mentioned before, I was going to London this week. Now i'm back and I think it was a rather rewarding trip. I bought soo much stuff haha, all of which I will take photos off and make a slideshow / long blogs etc to show off what I got. I don't have much time over the next few days to get it all up, but here's a taster of a few things that I bought. This is a photo of the bags in my car boot. AND that's only half of them. We also put bags in bags and compressed stuff into one bag in places.

I FINALLY bought something from Octopus :D This lil Japanese purse and a Hello Kitty style Voodoo Doll Keyring. (I thought it was cute).

I bought A LOT in Uniqlo, so that might have it's own post.. probably consisting of 3 parts haha. I'll try and post a few more photos of what I bought tomorrow.

lu xx

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