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Thursday, 1 July 2010

My love for TFE and The Japan Centre

Hey guys, sorry I haven't updated recently. I've been at work everyday since last Thursday. I'll have the day off on Friday, so I'll catch up with the blogs I was planning on doing.

I've just ordered a load more stuff from The Japan Centre, incuding 3 magazines. Popteen, Ranzuki and Seventeen. I wonder if I get any free gifts with them this month ^o^ If I do I will show you what I got. I also ordered some mugicha <3 and a cute pair of chopsticks with a case. There was more than that, But I can't remember what I put on the order haha. I should hopefully find out on Friday.

What's TFE you ask? Well it's Tokyo Fashion Express. A show on NHKworld, completely about fashion. I love this show, It helps me keep up to date with the fashion world, and especially the fashion from Japan. It shows more than just clothes though. There's accessories, interior design, arcitecture. A variety. NHK is sky channel 516 if you are interested in watching it, Tokyo Fashion Express is on every Tuesday.

I'm working again today, so there's a slim chance there will be another post, but I will try. I need to get to work on some tutorials, artistic stuff etc I've got to make another bunny headband for my friend before she gets back from her holiday, so perhaps I'll do a tutorial on that ^o^

Lu x


  1. Can't wait to see the mags, I just saw your nail art, it's really good!

  2. Thank you ^o^ I'm going to be changing them soon~ maybe tomorrow, depending on whether I think of a new design today haha


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