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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

I did my friend's nails.

She wanted a design we saw in a Nail Venus issue a while back, but with different colours.

We decided on a girly pastel arrangement lol. Anyways, here's my attempt at copying it.

Not really the best I've done, but she liked them nonetheless. We were also in a rush that day because we were late meeting others for lunch lol.

Leaving for our road trip in a few hours :D Can't wait ^o^

I'm going to be taking loads of video footage of our time in London and of the journey. I'll be using it to make a vlog for my friend dru, But i'll show you guys too~

Lu x

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  1. They are cute! I would have probably done much worse. All you needed to do was clean up the cuticle with a Q-tip and a little bit of non acetone nail polish remover.

    I also linked to this blog post here: http://www.chaudie.net/2010/07/whats-in-my-inbox-for-week-of-725.html


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