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Friday, 2 July 2010

Shopping 2nd July ^o^

Today, Me and my mum went on a shopping trip. We were only meant to get milk, but I just had to have a little spending spree.

I got this hair bow in Matalan, it was on sale. I think it's really cute as it matches the dress I wore today. I think I'm going to wear it to work tomorrow. Give that lil bit of a girly look with the plain uniform I have to wear haha.

I also got this unique bracelet in Matalan. I love how it's soo random. A chain, bow, charms and pearls.

My mum convinced me to buy these sandals. Clarks ones O_O They were pretty expensive. But in all honesty these are now the ONLY sandals I have. I didn't want to get any of those Gladiator sandals cause they kinda look weird on my feet. These are really comfortable and look pretty good on so the price wasn't tooo much taking that all into account~ ^o^

While we were in Asda I figured I'd finally get myself some falsh lashes. I checked in Boots, but for a first try of them they were a little too expensive. So I got two pairs. Some of Asda's own and my favourite.... some QVS thick ones. They look really good. I'll take a photo of them on when I finally get a chance to wear them. I'll prob do a bit of a review too~

As usual, I can't go into Asda without buying nail varnish so there we go. That's the colour I got. It's kind of POW! ^o^ I'll use it tomorrow hopefully. I might take a break from the detailed designs for a bit haha.
Right now I'm watching Twilight, I shall be watching New Moon tomorrow. Then on Sunday night I'm taking my Dad to go and see Eclipse. Figured I'd do a lil marathon before watching the new film. Twilight <3

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