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Friday, 24 September 2010

Course and Freshers

hey everyove.

Freshers week is almost over and I must say so far i love University.
The freedom is amazing, can do what I want, wear what I want etc Everyones really nice too. As you may know I'm doing Japanese Studies, a very intense and difficult course, however from what I've heard about it, it's made to be fun and an enjoyable course. The 2nd and 4th years (3rd year is spent in Japan) have been increadibly helpful. They've been giving out loads of advice, their old textbooks, study tips and even showing us places within Sheffield. There is a huge Chinese market about a 45minute walk away, it's got pretty much everything. I bought some gyoza skins, so i'm going to have to make some of those when I get a chance~

My accomodation is pretty cool too~ My flatmates are lovely, and my room is pretty big. I've decorated it already with photos and study material haha. If anyone wants to send me stuff to put on my walls please contact me via formspring or facebook (links on the side) lol

I've got Freshers Mania tonight. Huge show. We have Fragma, Aggros Santos and more playing. We were meant to have Mr Hudson, but he had to cancel. Chicane are playing instead! xD yay. <3 my SU lol

Lu x


  1. Oh! are you studying Japanese studies? I'm studing East Asian Studies (Japanese) :D! (I don't know if it's the same xD!). I started it this week ^___^

  2. Yeah mines under the heading of East Asian Studies. What Uni? :) x

  3. UAB (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona), and yours?
    It's in Spain xD! UAB is the only university where East Asian Studies can be studied (I mean in Spain xD)

  4. ahh cool. Mines the University of Sheffield, in UK :) x


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