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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

LizLisa - Tralala is Cute!!

I simply cannot wait until I'm in Japan. I'm goint to end up spending soo much money, especially on clothes (If i can be down to a decent size by then)

I am completely in love with LizLisa's Tralala brand. It's just unbelievably ADORABLE! ^o^
This t-shirt is soo cute ^^ It's got like a gradient colour on it, changes from green around the bottom, up to pink around the shoulders and neck. I also want that usamimi~ I saw some in Camden market a few weeks ago, but unfortunately I didn't get them. There wasn't a mirror about ToT

I've always wanted a pair of dungarees, especially the 'shorts' ones~ They'd probably look really weird on me with my milkbottle white legs hehe. More so if it was a pair like the ones in the above photo. Very pale denim. The t-shirt is pretty cute, I've seen necklaces like that everywhere, especially in Asda. They have a bigger range of jewellery now ^o^ which is awesome!

I want pink shoes lol.
Lu x

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