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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Shibuya 109 - SBY

From now on i'm going to post photos from random shops in Shibuya109, to give you an idea about what they're selling at the moment, the current trends etc. I'll try and include some information and i'll link you to the websites.

I'm starting with SBY, as I myself have an SBY hair scrunchie, which I love!

Here's what the store looks like. They have stores elsewhere but this one is cute!

Love this bag soo much! It has a blue bit on the inside that ties up to keep everything inside the bag.

Cute necklaces.

Lower lashes!!! I really need some, but I don't know where to get some in the UK.

Pajamas / Lounge wear.

And here is the SBY scrunchie I have. It came free with a Ranzuki magazine I got a good few months ago.

Here's the site: SBY
The 109 shop is on the 8th Floor by the toilets (If your interested, or in Japan)

Lu x
[I couldnt find much information about the stop. Only Japanese info that said where it was and what product they recommend at the moment.]

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