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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Ranzuki Oct Issue, My Birthday and New Stuff

My Japan Centre order arrived yesterday... finally. I had to wait for another week because Ranzuki wasn't in stock. But I'm glad I waited for the next issue, because I got the best free gift ever! Lashes! I've been meaning to buy some new ones over the past few days because mine are getting a bit blergh from using too much. Not only did I get top lashes with Ranzuki, but BOTTOM lashes too!!! YAY (^o^)!~

Me and my brother did a spot of shopping yesterday too when we went to get him some passport photos for University. There's a little shop in the town near me that just sells hair accessories, jewellery and photo frames. It's completely colour coded too, you can literally walk from one side of a rainbow to another lol They sell contact lenses, but not Circle ones. Here's what I bought using their buy 2 get 2 free deal.

The little red bracelet didn't have a tag, but it was only £3.50 so i wasn't too bothered. I love the necklace! The clasp to do it up is a bit strange and difficult to get used to, but the way it looks makes up for it haha. The hair bows were quite expensive to be honest. £6.99 each :/ But they sure look awesome. I'll have to take a photo of me wearing them at some point. Maybe from the parties at Uni.
I like the little dragonfly on it ^^

In my Japan Centre order I also got my kanji books. Basic Kanji Book Volume 1 & 2. I have to use them for the first few terms at Uni. I searched for ages trying to find the cheapest place to find them and Japan Centre came up the best. Only £25 instead of £35.

Oooo! I got this mini dressing gown for the Slumber Party at Uni. I didn't want to go clubing in full pjs so i'll just team this up with a vest top, leggings and heels.

As a few people know it was my birthday on Tuesday. This was the lovely card my brother got me ^o^
Lu xx

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