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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Rose Bud Nail Tutorial - Easy

Just a quick easy tutorial for beginners~ I did this in a rush, so it looks a bit messy but take it slower and you'll get a better result. detail is key.

For this you will need:
+ Clear Nail Varnish for top and bottom coats.
+ Pale Pink Nail Varnish (I used Eyeko's Petite Polish)
+ Dark Pink Nail Varnish (I used Rimmel's Hot Shot)
+ Pale Green Nail Varnish (I used a George at Asda green)
+ A Thin Paintbrush (Or a cocktail stick'll do)

1- First paint your nails with a clear bottom coat.

2- When dry paint your nails with the light pink. About 2 - 3 coats should be fine.

3- Now grab your paintbrush (or cocktail stick) and dip it into the pink. Paint curved moon shapes randomly on the nail.
4- Paint a smaller, almost dot shape, inside each of the moons. Be careful not to make the two parts touch, or it will just look like a blob. lol They should look a bit like rose buds now.
5- Switch to the pale green now and paint leaves either side of each bud.

6- When dry, finish off by applying a top coat.
I only did the pattern on two nails, but you can do it on as many as you like. It would probably look awesome if every nail was done like it ^o^
I hope you like it! If you decide to try it out, please send me a link to your photos, or post it in a comment ^^

Lu x

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