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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Tonight, and What To Expect Today


Tonight is my leaving party at work because I leave not this monday coming but the monday after. Leaving for University woo! ☆

Unfortunately this means I lose my job too :( I'll have to cut down on buying stuff. Speaking of spending money, I need something to wear tonight. :/ I wanted to go have a look in Matalan, but my brother's using my car today. I'll have to have a search through my clothes and find some accessories.

As for what to expect from me today and tomorrow. I have in the works: A nail tutorial, a circle lenses review, a post about make up. I'll probably think of a few more over the next few hours. I want to make up for not posting so much. I went out for an early birthday party for me, with a few of my friends. We went to my favourite resturant, Pompoko. ♪ I mentioned it a few posts back. I took photos, so i'll post them ^^ ♪


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