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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The trouble with me and Gal

I'm finding it hard to try and stay Gal, if you know what I mean. It's difficult to get it right in the first place, then there's the whole keeping it going and up to date. With things like work and stuff it's near impossible to do.

Another issue is also weight, I'm not exactly skinny and sometimes it's hard to find cute clothes that suit my figure, I know there are other Gals out there that aren't your typical skinny, and my hat goes off to them cause I just can't seem to keep it up. These girls are an inspiration. I won't deny that I want to be skinny, but in order to work it off i need time... Which i don't have at the moment. I'm working like crazy. Another reason why I can't keep up the Gal style very well.

I've pretty much stopped doing my own nails recently, they just get damaged and chipped as soon as I get to work. I still like to curl my hair for work sometimes, just like i did yesterday. And add bows, usamimis etc. But it's still not quite enough. I need to properly learn how to do some of the Gal make that other gaijin gals do~ I don't wear my circle lenses really, I think thats mainly because i got the black ones because Tokyo Toys didn't have the colour I wanted in stock. But also, my shifts are longer than the recommended wearing time. I'm going to try wearing them at work today, maybe give myself a lil gal makeover so I can learn some make tricks.

Shopping is a problem too~ Well didn't seem like it while I was in London haha. Nevertheless, I have trouble trying to pick the right sort of stuff. I'm not good with coordinating, I used to be but now i've just lost the ability thanks to wearing
the same colour everyday for my uniform at work haha. I need to study a few magazines. Might get the ViVi's out :D

I want to get a straw hat, one of those flat ones that are seen on many gal models. I had a look in London while I was there, but I had no luck in finding one.

I need more inspiration and more drive to boost up my Gal stuff =(

Lu x


  1. Are you in the States? I love Torrid. There's always something cute for all different sizes (well size Large and up).

  2. No :( I'm in the UK. I'm around a Medium to Large. I go to Uniqlo a lot now <3

  3. i live in the Philippines and believe it or not, i find a lot of gyaru-like stuff here!
    you just gotta find simple clothes and play it up and do some combo.try forever 21, they have pretty cool clothes there.
    i also get a lot of stuff from bazaars and this brand called Zara, whenever i hit their awesome end-of-year sales, i always get ultra cool stuff...everywhere actually!hoped i helped.^_^

  4. Thanks ^o^
    I don't have much money at the moment, but i love Zara :) I'll have to wait until end of January when I'm back at Uni before I can go there. There's aren't many shops near home. :(
    Thank you xx


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