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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Bag Charm from Seventeen Magazine

I got this back in February, but I've only just started using it. It came with March's issue of Seventeen Magazine. (The Japanese version) It's a Mickey and Minne Big Charm, as it says on the packet haha. I love buying magazines from The Japan Centre and finding they have free gifts. Makes up for the price I have to pay for them haha.

Here's what it looks like actually on a bag. I love this pink bag, got it from a small independant shop called CherryLee in my local town centre. It sells lots of little bits from jewellery to make up. A lot of the stuff is from Japan, China and Korea (I know because of the writing on the packets ^o^) Anyway, I'm completely in LOVE with this bag and I wear it everywhere lol.

Yes that's me with the bag under my arm haha The charm is soo cute ^o^ and I think it goes with the bag quite well. Right now i'm off to watch the football, hopefully we'll have a good game.
Lu x

1 comment:

  1. Awww that charm is so cute~!!!
    And it fits perfectly with the bag.
    I love to shop magazines at JC's bookstore too...but so expensive..10.80 for the egg magazine..phew!
    Aww~ can't watch the game as I have to work. (=__=)
    And the weather is awesome...wanna get out!!


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