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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Creative Buzz

Right, so here I am blogging, eating my morning banana and watching Tokyo Fashion Express. I love this show soo much. One of the easiest ways to keep up to date with j-fashion. Which can be quite expensive overseas, if you buy j-magazines of course. There are many websites out there that help, but they show many different styles and it looks as if you can wear ANYTHING haha

Yesterday I bought loads of material and wire to make some j-style accessories. Especially this style of head band.

Picture from LizLisa Website

I haven't found anywhere in the UK so far that sell them. So i'm going to go one better and make it myself. I'm also going to make little ones that I can wrap around a normal thin head band. I'm soo excited to see how it goes. I bought A LOT of fabric though, I'll have to think of some other things I can make with it haha

Also yesterday, while me and my brother were looking around for fabric, wire etc, we went to Tesco where I bought some soft toys. They are soo cute. I just had to get the Hello Kitty one. But Cleo (the lemur) was adorable! I had to get both. Aren't they cute?!

I got a Pingu one last week, he makes me laugh. When you squeeze his tummy, he makes loads of noise haha, I'll have to record it at some point lol.

Right, I need another banana. Or a green tea. laters x

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