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Thursday, 3 June 2010

My GEO Circle Lenses – Black

I bought these a few months back, and I thought they were worth blogging about. ^o^

So anyways, I’ve wanted a pair of circle lenses for like over a year! And jumped at the chance of buying some when I heard that TokyoToys started selling them. I looked at websites that sold them, but like all non mainstrem sites, I didn’t feel confident to buy them. Unknown website and all…. But I’ve bought stuff from TokyoToys before, so I was very very very happy :D

I wanted to get the Grey ones, but unfortunately they were out of stock. I settled for black ones :P I’m going to have to get the gold / brown ones next time. They are really cool. They came in little pots like this.

Haha makes my hands look wrinkley. Anyway, they came in these pots with instructions for use and warnings etc. I bought some contact lense solution from Tesco (good ol’ Tesco!) which was pretty inexpensive tbh. It took me soo long to put them in the first time, but that was mainly because I’d never put contacts in before. They are really comfortable to wear, I’m defo going to buy more.

They are designed to make your eyes look bigger, and the colour only covers the outline of the iris. The colour bit is also bigger than what the iris is. Making them appear bigger :D Circle lenses are very popular in East Asian countries, especially Korea.

Here’s a bit of me all dolled up with them in. :P What do you think?

Haha my sexy nails too :P


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