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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Nails for this weekend - Idea

Right, so i'm going out this weekend for a few friends birthdays and figured I should theme my nails around the top I'm going to wear. This is the top I bought Click Here .

I'm going to paint my nails white I think and have a big butterfly on my middle fingers and smaller ones on the other nails, with some flowers. I'll hopefully do them in those colours, if i have them haha. I will post up a photo when I've done them. oooo, haha I love it when I base my nails on some clothing or accessory I have. It lets me be more creative rather than looking at other peoples designs and adapting them.

I've got a mini review coming up soon on some new 17 eyeshadow that I bought the other week. I'm completely in love with the colours at the moment haha.

I should go back to my Japanese homework. Might post again later ^o^


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