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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Deko Deko

Ages ago I got a Japanese deko set with some stickers I bought (stickers which I think I lost... I will have to try and find them haha there were some pretty cute ones on the sheet). I really only decided to use them about a month ago. My E71 was looking too much like a business mobile, and I needed to bling it up haha make it more girly.

The gems have self adhesive backs and just stick with a bit of pressure. It took me quite a while to get all of them to stay stuck, a few kept coming off. On the sheet there were rows of hearts and a big flower. I put those on first then decided to pull apart the other sets to fill in all the gaps. I made a little bow tie shape with two of the hearts at the bottom. Those two kept falling off to begin with, but after time and a lot of pressure they've stayed.

That's my big fluffy phone charm I got in China Town, London. It's really soft ^o^ I love it. I attached a Hello Kitty charm to it, so now it makes loads of noise haha. I always put it in a phone shaped pocket in one of my shoulder bags and people can hear me coming from a mile away haha
A few of the gems have fallen off now, but I'm really happy with it ^o^ It looks good and that's the main thing. I put one of the left over hearts on the front of the phone too, so now it has an all round cuteness haha. I was considering putting some on my digital camera, but I think I'll leave that for when I get more kits. Maybe when I go to Japan.
Lu x

1 comment:

  1. Aw~ that's really cute! (-^.^-)/
    I'd love to decorate my phone, but it a cheesy one that's not really handy for decorating.
    But goin to buy a new one soon~


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