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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Poupee Girl

Right. So I'm just a little bit addicted to Poupee Girl at the moment. It's a Japanese fashion website which is linked with ameba. When you sign up you get your own person. I think it's only female virtual figures, I don't remember seeing male ones. You can dress your person in various clothing which can be won on the Piyo Catcher. You can also obtain new clothing items, either by using ribbons that you gain through out the site. Or from uploading your own fashion photos.

It's basically a site where you can show off the clothes you have to other users, and dress your own person up :) It's got a really cute thing going on. This is my poupee girl at the moment:

That's her in her room, you can change the wallpaper by buying new ones with the ribbons you gain. At first you start out at a zoo, but after a while you gain the bedroom scene. The little bird in the background is Piyo. You can use him to get items in Piyo Catcher and Piyo Balloon. I love using Piyo Balloon. It's always a suprise as to what you get. This is Piyo Balloon:

In this game you pretty much have to avoid the balloons, which can get pretty difficult. It costs 30 Ribbons to play and you always win something. You win things by hitting the balloons, but you only get one chance. So it's always best to try and get as high as you can. Here's something I won while playing:

Not the most glamourous of items, but i didn't get very high up :P Just hit a balloon so I could take a screenshot lol.

Anyways, back to the rest of the site. You can customize your person's look and you get ribbons for doing so. You can add your favourite brands to your page, so you can be updated with new items from those brands that other people have uploaded. There's more than just that though. You can look at other peoples Poupee Girls, you can leave them comments, on those and on the photos of the clothing they have uploaded. There's also a forum, so you can chat with others about clothing, make up etc, you can even just have a chat :)

If you fancy checking it out, or signing up, here's the link. Just click on the button.

poupeegirl fashion brand community

Don't forget to add me though!! ^o^ my username is tpl_xiah

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  1. Kawaii ! ! ☆ If you want to add my poupee ? !★ [♥lisangel♥] We can talk about poupee fashion, NE ? ? ❤


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