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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

My Outfit from yesterday.

For college I decided to try and wear a gyaru style outfit. Not sure if I acheived this, but I get props for trying haha. I don't usually wear dresses without wearing leggings underneath, I'm not really a fan of my legs. They are chubby and VERY pale, but I'm losing more and more weight recently so I've become a bit less self consious about them.

In the photo above, I didn't really get round to doing the Gyaru make until after, but unfortunately I forgot to take another photo. The photo below was the outfit I wore. I have brown heels on, but they didn't get into the shot. I took the photo at an angle, so when I edited it to get it straight the corners were weird lol Just ignore that. I have no make on in the full shot haha. So what do you think? Is it Gyaru?

Lu x

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