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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Smaller Version of the Gyaru Bunny Headband (Mini tutorial)

I'm finding the full headband I made to be a bit annoying at times, so after seeing smaller ones around, I decided to make a new one.

It's the same concept, just in a smaller version. I had to hand stitch the whole of this one, because I forgot how to use my mum's sewing machine lol

Mini How to-
1. Cut material to length. It doesn't really matter how long. Mine was about 20cm long i think.
2. Cut the ends so they are pointed.
3. Fold inside out and sew along all the edges except one of the points.
4. Turn inside out.
5. Place wire inside, it should be almost the same length or a little shorter. I used padded garden wire. It helped to keep the fabric from touching inside.
6. Sew up the open point.
7. Wrap around a plain hairband (alice band) and bend to style.

Voila ^o^ Mine looked like this:

I was halfway through doing my make up lol. I'll do a proper youtube tutorial for it when I have time. Same for the full headband too.

Lu x

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