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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Artbox Haul

First off, I want to say sorry for the lack of updates. I know I used to blog atleast once a day and I promise you as soon as I move into Uni, I will be blogging a lot more.

Secondly, here's what I got:

So here I go again buying A LOT of stuff from
Artbox.co.uk , but this time I had a perfectly good excuse. I got stuff for University hehe ^o^ I seem to only be buying things for Uni lately, oh except yesterday cause I ordered a pair of Green circle lenses, which i'll show off once they arrive ^^

Generic postcard with every order that shows you where the actual shop is in London~

Rilakkuma paperclips, they are pink and bear head shapped. Comes in this cute little box.

Flannel / hand towel. You can't see it but underneath the sticker there's a tear. Sad panda lol

STICKERS~~!!! everyone loves stickers. These are all little pandas, the stickers themselves are tiny. I bought them for a daily planner that i'm going to get from Artbox when I have more money lol x

My almost favourite thing ^o^ It's a mouse mat :D :D
A4 plastic envelope, for my notes ^o^ it has cute bows all over it.

And here's the last thing I got, A4 folder. There's yello plastic sleeves inside it. Just enough to hold any coursework etc.

I have a wishlist saved of stuff on the site that I want to get when I have the chance. But apart from the daily planner, I might leave the rest until I get to university.

I've got a couple more posts in the works, but i'm staying at a friends for a couple of days so I wont have my laptop. I'll post when I get back too~ Maybe even a little bit about our adventures over the next couple days hehe

Lu x

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