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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Lovely Blog-sa Round Up 2

Chaudie Jen Len Lu Tini Sharona Shahana Fuyume Alicia Suzanne Ayame Elena

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Chaudie: Talks about finding
western gyaru's over the internet and another blog group that she has joined.

Jen: I love the music that plays every time I open Jen's blog up. She's posted an Agejo make up tutorial
here. It's tempting ^^

Len: No recent updates T-T But here's
her link anyway.

Lu: I'm just rambling, and I did my first proper Gyaru make up attempt ^^

Tini : I'm going to have to get this
facemask! =]

Sharona: Some camerawhoring with her guinea pig

Shahana: I love the
new background on her blog, so cute! I hope she gets home back to normal soon so that she can go back to having no water damage T-T

Fuyume: I love following this blog :)
This bracelet she made is yummy, I might give it a go! ^o^

Alicia: This girl is an inspiration! Also I want
these lashes!

Suzanne: This post just makes me hungry lol

Ayame: She introduces her brother, some kanji she knows and
camping photos ^^

Elena: These are some pretty
amazing tights that she's found!

Hope you find these useful and perhaps start following a few of them ^o^


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