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Monday, 9 August 2010

First Heart of the Summer Necklace ♥

While I was entering in a contest here on Blogger, I came across this necklace.

I love it soo much! Handmade and really cute. I ordered it one day and it arrived the day after, which made me happy. Penny Masquerade, it's vintage style jewellery, there are soo many different items on her etsy. I want them all lol, but I'm not loaded so i'll make do with this necklace for now =] I plan on buying something else in the future, in the meantime why don't you take a look Click here.

Anyways, this is me just showing you what I bought and Introduce you to Penny Masquerade.

Lu x


  1. I posted this entry on the Blog-sa on my blog here: http://www.chaudie.net/2010/08/lovely-blog-sa-post-for-week-of-august.html

    Don't forget to post here.

  2. OOh it's so cute. Very feminine and the details are nice.


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