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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Delayed Japan Centre Haul Post

Hey, I'm sorry this took soo long to do, but in all honesty I've had the photos on my laptop for over a month I just forgot about them haha. So here's what I got from the Japan Centre last time I ordered.

I bought my usual favourites Ranzuki and Popteen, but I also love getting Seventeen now and again because they give free gifts almost every month ^o^ For example I got this bag this month.

Here's what else I bought. I needed a cute pair of chopsticks to pop in my handbag. The amount of times I've gone out and bought noodles and had to eat it with a fork >_<>_<>

Java Curry!!!! Just YUMMY!! This ones not soo hot so I love it. I've gone off spicy food a lot recently. Or I guess just food in general lol. Anyways, I'm going to have this curry with some noodles later. yum yum ^o^

Mugi cha, I love this stuff. I tried it in Brighton once and been hooked ever since. It's barley tea which can be drunk hot or cold. I prefer it hot to be honest. It's very nice, i recommend it!

All in all that's what I bought. I need to make a HUGE order before I go to University, just essential J-food stuff, and perhaps a new dictonary, magazines and maybe some new flash cards.



  1. I used to like to get Seventeen too because they always come with freebie!

    Curry I love curry. I live in a land of spicy food so I am never curry deprived.


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