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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Sweet Shop nails

Just something simple for the weather. These are the sweet nail stickers that my friend got me from Hong Kong. I spoke about them a few posts back. I added some flowers from the bunch I got from Hong Kong a few years ago :D Im suprised they still stick after all this time.

I bought this nail varnish in London. I like it, it's just a light shimmer of gold. It's from INGLOT, number XL2. Cost me £7 straight from the store. Not too bad of a price to be honest, but a fortune compared to the ones I get from Asda.

Here's my hair for today. I tried tying a neck scarf on my head, but it looks a bit strange on one side because it's flat there. But I'll find a way to make it stick up more. I need to get hold of some ribbon so I can make some bows for my hair. Maybe an oversized one or two.
Ignore my face in the picture lol. I didn't have any makeup on. at all. I'm going to try doing some Gal make with my lenses. Around... 1.30pm ish, cause then my lenses wont get irritating until I get home from work.

Lu x

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