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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Eyeko is my new favourite make up brand!

[I tried to post this yesterday but blogger decided it wasn't having any of it! lol]
I bought some stuff from Eyeko on the 3rd and my box arrived on the 4th :D Fast delivery. They have loads of offers on at the moment if you spend over a certain amount, go check it out. Click Here
Everything came in a cute box with everything individually packaged ^o^
Here's what I bought:
I've been wanting the Vampira Polish for months. It's black varnish with red glitter in it giving that sparkly goth look. I've heard good things about Eyeko's nail varnish, the quality being really good. I haven't tried them out yet but when I change my nails from the Sweet Shop, I'll definately post some photos of the Vampira Polish on.
The Petite Polish was my free Item because I spent over £10. It's a cute colour and I can't wait to use it with some white patterns on top =]
I use up Mascara REALLY fast so I just had to buy this! I heard about Eyeko through their 'tubed' mascara. I think it was Bubz (Bubzbeauty on youtube) who first introduced me. I think that this different form of packaging is a plus, certainly draws you to it. I've been using it for a few days now and love it! It keeps my eyelashes curled for hours and with just a push of the finger when down, curled for longer. I'm not too keen on the brush cause it's thin, straight and causes it to clump sometimes, but if you have an eyelash brush, or a normal hair comb... that can be fixed easily. It's quite stubborn to get off, but that could be because I don't have a decent make up remover lol.
My unexpected buy was the Eyeko Cream. I don't usually buy things like this, but I wanted to boost up the order to get the free gift lol. It's a face cream which has a shimmer to it. A strong shimmer so it's prob best to mix with some moisturiser. Its good for highlighting, and it has vitamins in it to help your skin. There's more about it on their website haha.
There isn't much on their website at the moment, but I think over time when they become more popular they will start selling more items. Eyeko's becoming popular with some celebrities recently, so you never know. Hopefully it will expand soon. I'm looking forward to getting more stuff from them, I kinda like the look of the eyeliners =]
Lu x

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