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Friday, 13 August 2010

My attempt at Gyaru Make up~

I've never done the whole circle lenses, eyeliner + lashes thing before, so I decided to have a go at it. Being as I've got nothing much to do today and wanted to have a go at it ^o^

What do you think?

I took photos of each step of make, so i might post like a photo tutorial thing if any of you are interested. I actually quite like the last photo lol. First time I've managed to put my hair in a high bun without it falling out. Used my SBYxRanzuki hairband ^o^


  1. you look so cute in the first photo (^__^)b

  2. you can really see it in the first photo. Are you using a bit of blush? I can't tell with the B/w photos

  3. Yeah I did, I bought a nice bright pink one from Asda ^o^ x

  4. Hey chica. I kinda THINK you did a good job with at least the eyeliner and lashes, but can't be certain due to photo quality. The only way for any of us to be sure would be for you to post in color OR post high quality B&W/sepia photos.

    Also! You're tagged in my blog, but it's not Lovely-sa related

  5. thankyoou ^o^ Yeah I know what you mean. I do have some colour photos from my digicam, but I didn't post cause I hate my skin lol.

    If i find a good one i'll post it as a follow up ^^

    ooo tagged. I'll have a look ^^ xx

  6. the second pic's the cutest.^_^
    i think you should get a new hairstyle, cause you'd look even cuter and a lot more gyaru..especially with bangs.(:


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